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What time shoud I arrive at the ceremony?

Our ceremony begins promptly at 2 pm. We recommend guests arrive no later than 13:45pm to allow time to park and get seated. For our out-of-town guests, we recommend allowing an extra half hour or more for drive time in case of unexpected traffic. Cocktail hour & and the reception will follow immediately after the ceremony.

Are kids allowed?

Although we adore children, we are only able to accommodate children in our immediate family at our ceremony and reception. If your child is invited their names will be listed on the formal invitation.

Thank you for your understanding!

Can I bring a date?

Weddings are a very special day, and we have opted for both an intimate ceremony and reception. Only the names addressed on the invitation are formally invited to our celebration.

Is there a dress code?

Semi formal/formal attire is requested & comfy shoes to

dance in are recommended.

What happens if I don't RSVP in time?

If we don’t get an RSVP back by the date that we have provided, it will be marked as a “No.” We will miss you celebrating with us, however, we have to provide a total guest count to the venue in the timely manner they have given to us and cannot accept late RSVPs due to this.

We hope that you understand!

Additional questions?

Please reach out to Jarred or Tamara

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