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It is no exaggeration to say that a tree, with its body rooted in earth and its crown dancing in the sky, is one of the grandest and most beautiful of all of nature’s gifts.


These grand giants, like many successful and enduring relationships, are often many branched and deeply rooted. Although they might have started out looking the same - they grow, survive, thrive, battered by storms and often broken – yet they grow stronger and taller when nurtured.


The symbol of the tree shows the roots and branches, ever changing, where we have diverged and where we have joined. It shows what and who we have come from and what and who comes from us.


We are proud to say that our tree is rooted in a deep love, faith and hope. Our tree reflects the values of the families and friends who love us, the experiences and lessons that have moulded us and the passion and enthusiasm with which we live our lives. As we continue reaching higher, we are deeply grateful and excited to share our highest point together, with you.

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